WiZ lights are set so that, room by room, they will reply differently to the ①, ②, ③, ④ buttons of the WiZmote. You can choose to edit this behavior for each room, and pick from any existing light mode, your custom colors and whites, or the Scenes you created for this room.

iOS: From the main screen, tap on any of the lights of the room then on the settings button (the cog icon on the right hand side). The favorite light modes inherited from the room will be displayed. Tap on these to display the room settings, where you can edit the favorite modes by tapping on them. These will apply to all the lights of the room.

Alternatively, you can go to Settings tab and select Rooms, then select the room of your choice. Room settings will be displayed, where you can edit the four favorites.

Android: Open the menu and tap on Rooms. Tap on the Room for which you want to edit favorite light modes, then tap on the favorites to edit them.

Alternatively, you can select any light or group located in the room for which you want to edit favorites modes, open its settings (cog icon), then tap on the favorite light modes. This open a page where you can edit them for the whole room.

Keep in mind that if you select favorite settings which are not supported by some of your devices (for example if you select a color mode and your room contains both color and dimmable white lights), then the devices which do no support the selected mode will do nothing when you press the WiZmote button.

E.g. You have a WiZ Whites and a WiZ Colors in the same room, and set “Deep Dive” mode as favorite ③. When you press button ③ of the WiZmote, your WiZ Colors light will do Deep Dive, the Whites one will do nothing.