When you first create a home in WiZ, we automatically create your WiZ account in the Cloud. This process is entirely anonymous. Your account is simply tied to a unique ID from your app and phone. You can use most of the system without any particular limitation.

When you sign in with a certain "identity provider" (for example Google or Facebook), we obtain from them a unique ID, which they link to your account on their platform.
We in turn use this unique ID and associate it to your WiZ account on our Cloud.
This means that:
  • WiZ never retrieves, stores or uses any personal information related to the providers you use for sign in. All we obtain is a unique ID which doesn't contain any personal information
  • When you sign back in (for example after changing your phone), WiZ app is presented with that unique ID, and retrieves the account linked to it. It's that simple.
You can sign in with as many providers as you want. For example, you can choose to link your WiZ account to both one Facebook account and one Google account.