WiZ relies on third party identity providers (such as Google or Facebook) for account creation and sign in. Here is why:

First of all, those platforms have been managing "online identities" for years, and as such are well developed and extremely secure. They will keep your personal details safe, and hidden from us, and only send to us an anonymous key required to tie your WiZ account to them.

Secondly, good user experience. Thanks to those third party services, signing in can be done quickly with 1 single tap, without having to remember/input different user names and passwords on different services.

Last but not least, our customer's privacy is of utmost importance. We do not store any of our customer's personal information. No email, no phone number, nothing at all. All that we store is an anonymous token coming from the provider and the provider is the only one who can identify it.
For example, we know your WiZ account is linked to a certain Google account. But we have no idea which one.

If we were to ever face a security breach (despite our best efforts at security), none of the data available from WiZ would let anyone identify you.