Apple introduced its new single sign-on service “Sign in with Apple” in mid-2019. It allows you to use a single account for different Apple services such as iCloud, the App store, Apple TV, Game Center… This sign in method also applies for third party apps such as WiZ.

Before Sign in with Apple was made available, the iCloud ID was already something shared across all Apple services, but not officially promoted as a sign-in method for third party apps.

WiZ, which was using sign in with iCloud, is now replacing it with Sign in with Apple.

What do I have to do?

Just tap the “Sign in with Apple” button in the WiZ app and link your account to your WiZ account.
You will need to do this even if you have previously signed in with iCloud, because the “key” we receive from Apple sign-in is completely different from the one received from iCloud. Since WiZ does not collect or maintain any personal detail about its users, we cannot infer anything and only you can associate this new key to your WiZ account.

Why was WiZ previously using Sign in with iCloud?

Back when WiZ started, there was no official sign-in method promoted by Apple. We picked iCloud since almost every iOS user had an iCloud account. Now that Sign in with Apple is here, it’s time to transition to this new official method.