You can use most of the system without restrictions without ever signing in. However, there are plenty of good reasons for you to sign in:
  • If you change your phone, then you can simply sign back in with the same account, and get your WiZ homes back right away without any further action
  • If you use several devices, for example an iPhone and an iPad, then you can sign in on the first device, then connect with the same account on the other device. No need to create an invitation for the other device, you will automatically retrieve your WiZ homes as you sign in with the same account
  • If you want to invite more people to join your WiZ home, we will ask you to sign in first. This is to make sure that there is always a way for the Owner of the home to recover it, and avoid cases where there could be only Guests left in a home, with no one able to edit the settings
It is not possible to issue invitations without signing in first.

If you uninstall and reinstall the app or change your phone without signing in first, then you will lose access to your WiZ home (the unique ID is lost), and will need to create a fresh home and pair your lights again.