No reference data

If your device never seems to report any power consumption (app shows N/A or 0), it is possible that the reference measurements for this device haven't been completed yet.

To compute the power consumed by a device, WiZ system uses the regular status report of the devices to the Cloud, associated with reference power consumption data for each mode and brightness, measured in laboratory.

As an example, if an A19 bulb reports "Sunset mode, 50%", WiZ will know what is the power consumption in that mode and brightness for that particular model, and display the figure in the app.
For certain models, the reference data may take longer to gather. If WiZ has no reference data available, it will not display any power consumption in the app.

Remarks: Above section is NOT applicable to products that come with power meter itself, e.g. Smart Plug (manufactured after Oct 2021)

Disconnected device

If a device is disconnected from the WiZ cloud, it is not reporting any status, which prevents WiZ system from computing and displaying and power consumption data.

Smart plugs

WiZ smart plugs that manufactured before Oct 2021 do not feature power measurement, and as such will not indicate any power consumption in the app.