Introducing a new sign-in method

WiZ is evolving, and our app is now adopting Sign in with Apple, to make sign in easier for our iOS users.

This new feature comes with several under-the-hood changes, and with the removal of “Sign in with iCloud” since there is now a simpler way to sign in on iOS.

We took this as an opportunity to start afresh with a new app. It looks quite similar to the old one for now, but will bring lots of benefits in the long run.

To accompany our users, we have created a migration system, taking their data from the old app to the new one seamlessly.

Why has the company name changed?

When WiZ started back in 2016, it was a project of a company named TAOlight. Quite a few things have changed since then, with WiZ recently becoming part of the Signify group.

For further clarity for our users, we have updated the company name to WiZ Connected Lighting Co. Ltd. while publishing the new app.

Has anything else changed?

No. WiZ system is still here to deliver the best smart lighting experience on the market, while fully respecting your privacy. We simply have added Sign in with Apple to our sign options and refreshed the app a bit. The system remains entirely anonymous, and sign-in itself is still optional.

If you want to learn more about the differences between iCloud sign-in and Apple sign-in, click  here.

I had signed in with iCloud on the old app. What now?

Since we have introduced the new Sign in with Apple – which is the only one Apple wants to see now –, sign-in with iCloud is not supported anymore on the new app.

Once you have migrated your data to the new app, please sign in with Apple there!