On the WiZ servers, your home is anonymously identified by a randomly allocated number. We call this number the "Home ID".

There is no need to know your Home ID to use WiZ. However, if you ever need to reach out to our support agents, they may ask you for this identifier in order to search for your home and diagnose the potential issues.

Here is the simplest way to find your Home ID in the legacy app:

  1. Open the WiZ app
  2. Navigate to a room where you have at least one device installed
  3. Tap on any of the devices of the page
  4. Locate the cog "settings" icon on the right hand side of the light mode selector, and tap on it
  5. Once in the settings of the light, tap on the "Model" field
  6. A new page opens. You will find your home ID in the "Details" section