To enable or disable Trackside mode, open the Settings tab of the app, and scroll down to Integrations.

Inside the integrations menu, you will find Trackside mode in the top right. Tap on it, then use the toggle located in the top right corner to enable or disable the feature.

Note that no particular light effect will be shown on your lights until the race starts: this is normal!

Once the race is finished, Trackside mode will stop sending messages to your lights. You can choose to leave it enabled, and then your lights will automatically react to the next race. Or you can disable it for now, and re-enable it for the next race weekend. Make sure to double check the time!

Important note: for the best experience, we highly recommend that you enable Trackside mode before the start of the race. Enabling while the race is already ongoing can make it harder for your lights to display the right light effects.