There are 2 ways to retrieve your existing homes in app V2.

Don't have the app V2 yet? Get it here for iOS, and here for Android!

Watch the how-to video here.

Method 1: Sign-in with Apple, Facebook or Google

  1. Simply link your WiZ account with either of the options above in WiZ app V1. Learn more here.
  2. In the app V2,  sign in with the exact same account

Method 2: Manually granting access to V2

If you prefer to continue without signing in, you can do it as follows:

  1. If you have already installed the app V2, make sure it is force closed (not running in the background).
  2. Open the app V1, then go to Settings.
  3. In the "New app available" message, tap on "Start" then choose the "Manual flow"
  4. Create secret code (only known to you) at least 5 characters long
  5. Tap "Next" and you should now be presented with the "Cloud key". Tap the clipboard icon to copy this key to your clipboard, or write it down somewhere.
  6. Now force close the app V1 (make sure it is not running in the background)
  7. Go to the App store / Play store and download the WiZ app V2, if you haven't previously done it
  8. Open the app V2 > Tap on "Get Started"
  9. Tap on "Manual migration" > confirm that you have the Secret code and Cloud key ready
  10. Enter your "Secret code" > Paste the Cloud key you have copied from the app V1
  11. All done! Your homes will be automatically retrieved in app v2, and you can now use either app to control your lights.


1. I don't seem to be able to see my V1 account in V2

Please make sure you are using the correct Apple ID, Facebook or Google account. It is not unusual for people to maintain multiple accounts, but you need to use the same one in both V1 and V2 for us to be able to fetch your data.

  • If you are not sure which account you used before, simply go back to V1, unlink and relink your account (in the sign-in options)
  • Alternatively, use the "manual flow" described above

2. Where can I find the "Secret code"? What if I lost it?

The "Secret code" is created by you, when you start the manual flow to give access to the app V2. It is used to verify your identity, so that we can be sure you are the one requesting access and not someone else. Hence we advise you keep that secret code to yourself.

If you are not sure or forgot the "Secret code" you had created, just go back to the app V1 and start the manual flow again.

3. Where can I find the "Cloud key"? What if I lost it?

The "Cloud key" is generated by WiZ as part of the manual flow. It is used by our servers to recognize you without exposing your personal information.

If you are not sure or forgot the key, just go to back to app V1 and start the manual flow again.

4. The "Secret code or cloud key does not match" error is shown

Please make sure there are no typos in your secret code and cloud key.

If you are still seeing the error, please start the manual flow all over again in the app V1. Make sure you have you memorize or write down your "Secret code". We recommend that you copy the cloud key to the clipboard to prevent typos.

5. My App V2 / App V1 is always crashing when I open it

Due to technical limitations on certain phones (especially iPhones), App V2 and App V1 sometimes cannot run simultaneously. You can have them both installed, use them both to control your home, but only one can be running on your phone at once. Please make sure you force close the app you are not using at the moment, so it doesn't keep running in the background.