Rhythms come from a simple observation: you need different types of lighting at different times of the day.

Inspired by nature

Naturally, our body is used to cyclical lighting changes: from a cooler, brighter white in the morning and around noon, to a dimmer and warmer white in the evening. This is simply what the natural progression of the sun in the sky produces.

Automatic light transitions

With Rhythms, WiZ lights will transition automatically between different modes and brightness levels, in order to replicate the natural lighting patterns our body is used to.
You can use the Circadian Rhythm provided by default, or build your own customized rhythm.

Applied through any "ON" command

Rhythms are triggered when an "ON" command is received, for example through the app, through a WiZmote, through integrations like Google Assistant... They will not be applied if the command contains a light mode or a brightness level (e.g. "Ocean at 20%" will not trigger the Rhythm).
If the mode scheduled for the current time is not supported by your type of light, your light will rejoin the Rhythm whenever it uses a light mode supported by your light.
When you power on your light, it will rejoin the Rhythm after a few seconds.