SpaceSense is a brand-new innovative technology that uses your light’s Wi-Fi connection to determine movement. You can use it to automate your smart lights based on motion without the need for physical motion sensors. As we continue to develop and improve this feature, please be aware of the following limitations prior to enabling the feature:
All WiZ Connected lights with Bluetooth are compatible with SpaceSense. Older products cannot use this feature.
The positioning of the lights in your room impacts SpaceSense performance, please follow the instructions on how to setup your lights closely.
Some Mesh Wi-Fi networks and Wi-Fi repeaters are known to negatively impact SpaceSense performance. To ensure things work well, please make sure that the lights you use for SpaceSense are connected to the same Wi-Fi access point.
SpaceSense has been tested for indoor residential use only. Its performance in non-residential environments has not been validated, so use it at your own discretion.