In a nutshell

WiZ works on most Wi-Fi networks. We use 2.4GHz, which is the most commonly available Wi-Fi range on both old and new routers, consumes less power and reaches further than 5GHz, in order to maximize range and compatibility.

You have a brand new, cutting-edge Wi-Fi 6E router? A Mesh solution? No worries, all of those natively support 2.4GHz (as well as more advanced things of course) and you should not have to modify any setting. WiZ will peacefully run on the 2.4GHz range, while your more advanced electronic devices may enjoy your ultra-fast 5GHz network.


Technical details

WiZ operates on 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, on either 802.11 b, g or n wireless standard.

802.11 ac and ax standards are not supported, although this is usually not a problem since most routers still offer b/g/n in addition to those newer standards.

5GHz Wi-Fi is not supported: your WiZ devices will stay connected to the 2.4GHz network (but you are of course free to use your 5GHz network for everything else).

However, once your lights are paired, you can control them from anywhere through the local network and the Cloud. No need to keep your phone connected to the 2.4GHz network.

WiZ requires WPA2-Personal or WPA3-Personal security.
WEP and WPA-entreprise are not supported.
Open networks without password are not supported.