Which Wi-Fi name and password should I input?

WiZ devices only operate on 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. To learn more, please check this article.
By default, when you open the pairing flow, WiZ uses the name of the network your phone is currently connected to. In particular cases, for example if you use a hidden network, you maybe have to fill or update the network name field manually. Make sure that your input matches the 2.4GHz network.

Why do I need to input my Wi-Fi name and password?

Your WiZ devices must connect to your Wi-Fi network to work properly, just like your phone or computer. Without Wi-Fi and internet, your WiZ devices will only have limited features.

Does WiZ store the Wi-Fi name and password, and how?

Wi-Fi name

On our servers, half of the Wi-Fi name it will be stored directly and the other half will be hashed. For example, for "Wi-Fi name 2.4G", we will store "2fjsdklfjioklfsdalf" and "me 2.4G"*. This is solely for our server to validate the device connection, and we will never be able to decrypt your full Wi-Fi name.

The full Wi-Fi name will be stored within your phone and within your WiZ devices.

Wi-Fi password

Your Wi-Fi password will never leave your phone or WiZ devices, which ensures that your privacy will not be compromised.

* This is an example. The actual encryption format may vary.