Why should I turn on Bluetooth and allow WiZ to use it?

Since 2019, almost all WiZ products include Bluetooth. Using Bluetooth during pairing makes it quicker and more reliable, and allows you to connect your lights in just a few seconds.

How do I turn on Bluetooth on my phone?


There are 2 ways (interface may vary depending on the iOS version):

  1. Use the control center (slide down from the top right of the screen)
  2. Go into "Setting" > Tap on "Bluetooth" > Toggle "On"


There are 2 ways (interface may vary depending on the Android version and phone manufacturer):

  1. Use the Android control panel
  2. Go to "Setting" > "Connected Devices" > "Bluetooth" > Toggle "On"

How do I allow WiZ to use my phone's Bluetooth connection?


Go to "Setting" > Scroll down until you find "WiZ V2" > Toggle "Bluetooth" on


By default, Android system should allow WiZ to use Bluetooth if it is enabled on your phone. When in doubt, please refer to the above instructions.