The pairing steps may be slightly different for each type of product. 
  • For bulbs, simply choose "Bulb". The same logic applies for LED strips, smart plugs...
  • For all products which are not LED strips and have an integrated light source (e.g. Hero table lamp, Pole floor lamp, ceiling lamps...), please select "Luminaire"
  • Use "Connected switch" if you are installing a dimmer switch meant to control traditional (non-smart) lights via their power line
  • Use "Wall controller" if you are installing a wall-mounted accessory meant to control your WiZ lights

What if I am not sure what product type to choose?

  1. If your device supports Bluetooth, simply power it on. If Bluetooth is enabled on your phone, you should soon see a pop-up in the WiZ app telling you a product was found. Just tap on this pop-up to go ahead.
  2. If the above steps do not work for you, please try "Bulb" as default flow for a device and "WiZmote" as default flow for an accessory.