What is Matter?

The Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), formerly the Zigbee Alliance, created the Matter standard as a means of bringing to market interoperable devices that work across brands and platforms with greater privacy, security, and simplicity.

With support for Matter, your Google Home, Apple HomeKit, or any other Matter-capable platform can control your WiZ lights. And this won't harm your WiZ experience, as you can keep using the WiZ app for best-in-class lighting experiences and advanced features. With Matter, it enhances the overall WiZ experience, making your smart home even smarter.

Then, what can users do with lighting through Matter? Currently, Matter v1.0 only supports basic controls. It includes:

  • On/Off
  • Change brightness
  • Change temperature
  • Change color
  • Grouping

What makes a device "Matter"?

To be a Matter device, it needs to gain the Matter certificate from the CSA. WiZ is now applying the certificate for our wide product range. Once the device gains the certificate:

  • For in-field devices --- they can be OTAed with Matter credentials via the WiZ v2 app.
  • For newly manufactured devices --- they will be out-of-box Matter capable devices with the Matter badge on the packaging and a setup code (QR code and numeric code) inside.

How to use Matter?

To experience Matter, you need to have a Matter-certified platform like Apple, Google, Alexa, or SmartThings, and Matter-certified devices such as light bulbs, door locks, blinds, or HVAC controls. In our case, you can install WiZ devices in both systems. When using Matter to control WiZ lights, the supported functions for each device type are defined by Matter. The functions for lighting-specific use cases are limited to basic functions like switching on and off, dimming, and changing color. If you want to enjoy more advanced features such as dynamic light modes, customizable light scenes, and dual-zone light control, use the WiZ app—which has been designed to unlock all the unique features of your WiZ lights.

The official Matter certification program just launched in October 2022. You may expect to have the certified platforms or devices released by waves from now. As one of the first adopters, WiZ is now working on the certification of our wide product range. We will keep you all posted. Don't forget to check your WiZ app notifications!