Setting up IFTTT for WiZ

Step 1 – In the WiZ app
Tap on the Settings tab, select Integrations under Current home, then enable IFTTT with the toggle button. A code will appear. It is the key to link your WiZ home with IFTTT. Copy this code to your clipboard, then go to the IFTTT application and follow the instructions in Step 2 below. 

Step 2 – In the IFTTT app
Now that the code from the WiZ app is copied to your clipboard, go to the IFTTT app and either create a custom Applet including WiZ, or select one of our existing applets. You will be prompted to enter the code in order to link your WiZ home to IFTTT. Paste the code and confirm.
Remarks: IFTTT integration is not available on WiZ CN (China version) yet

Using IFTTT to control WiZ lights

Once IFTTT is set up, you can activate any of the available Applets using WiZ functionalities.

Some applets offer multiple fine-tuning options, such as selecting a light, a group, a room or the whole home, picking the light mode of your choice…

Note: If you have multiple rooms with the same name, you may want to consider renaming one to make it simpler to differentiate them.

The functionalities of the Applets are detailed on the IFTTT platform. You can also build your own Applets with the available WiZ actions.

IFTTT and multiple WiZ Homes

For the time being, one IFTTT account can only be linked to a single WiZ Home.

IFTTT integration can only be activated for one WiZ home at once, otherwise IFTTT would not know which one to control. Thus, when you activate IFTTT for a new home, it will alert you with a pop-up in the WiZ application that the existing integrations will be disabled.

The impact is equivalent to “de-activating” the toggle button next to your IFTTT integration in the WiZ application.