Welcome to the Guide for installing and using the WiZ Home Monitoring Starter Kit!

In this guide we will go through the installation of the different products, then go through the camera modes and how to use the camera in conjunction with SpaceSense and receive notifications.

Note that if you encounter any issue, please refer to the detailed FAQ for troubleshooting or question, or contact the support using in-app chat.




Installation of the camera


If you do not have the WiZ app, please download it on your mobile phone from your Application Store


First we will install the product. Make sure it is powered on and the LED will blink green. You should also hear a first "ready to install" chime. Go to your Home in the WiZ app v2, tap the + on the top right corner and select camera as the option. Follow the on-screen guidance to display a QR code, and get the camera connected, it may take a few minutes in-between some chimes. If needed, use the manual pairing option to install the camera by connecting to its network.

If the camera starts blinking red/green, it is updating its firmware, be mindful not to unplug it during that time to ensure a successful update.




Note if you want to uninstall the camera

If you decide to return a WiZ camera to a distributor, or decide to pass it on to someone else to install in their home, please follow these steps:


  1. Go to the WiZ app, go to the camera settings page, and select "Delete". This will make it so that all events and media linked with this camera are deleted and will allow other users in the future to install the camera in their WiZ homes
  2. Power the camera on and press the physical reset button on its back for 10seconds, then release. This would wipe all potential residual information on the camera, including the Wi-Fi network credentials. You should then see the camera reboot, the LED start blinking green and hear the "ready to install" chime.

Note that if the camera is connected to the internet when you do step 1, it will automatically also apply step 2. We recommend to follow step 2 anyways for ensuring completion.


Installation of the lights

Before installing the lights in the application, you may want to consider which rooms you place the lights in and how far they are with one another. To use SpaceSense, you would need at least 2 lamps in a room and distant from one another by at at least around 2 meters. For more information on SpaceSense you cane refer to the dedicated FAQ.

Power on the lights, and if Bluetooth is activated on your phone, you should see a card appear in the WiZ app v2 letting you know nearby products are ready to get installed. Select this card to proceed, or tap the + in the top right corner and select Lights.



Activation of extra features with Heads-Up

Note that the Special offers can only be activated after the end of the Early Adopter Preview following the launch of the Home monitoring proposition. During the Early Adopter Preview, you will have access to all features of Heds-Up.

To get access to the extra features for a home, navigate to the Settings page of WiZ app v2, and select Heads-Up card in order to go manage your current subscription status. 
You can only activate the offer using the "Special offer" option and scanning the QR code included in the Starter Kit. Follow the in-app flow, and be mindful that you can only use the QR code once to get access to the features.
Note that if you are already benefinting from Heads-Up, you cannot activate this special offer on top, or it would replace your current offer.
If you want to keep a current offer in parallel to it (for other WiZ homes for example), you may need to have another account to activate the extra features.


Camera modes

After installation, you can select the camera in the room and access to its control page.
Note that only owners can control cameras and access to the events in the camera or home timeline, so if you are a guest you would not have access.

On that page, you can chose which mode you want the camera to be in.

  • You can select Off, which is a mode in which the camera does nothing and fully protect privacy, it cannot stream and does not record automatically. The LED indicator of the camera will turn off to show that it is similar to not working.
  • You can select to have the camera in On mode in which you can use the camera for streaming, or as a motion sensor. However, the camera will not do automated recordings on its own when detecting movement (unless a monitoring routine triggers it). 
  • You can select to have the camera Armed, a mode in which the camera will start an automated recording when it detects movement or loud noises and create events in the timeline for those. The settings for the recording duration can be updated in the camera settings, as well as the cool-down period between events of the same type.

If the camera is on or armed, and there is no error, the LED indicator will be green and stable.
If a recording or streaming is on-going, the indicator will be red.
Error codes are also red and blinking, and the camera would appear unavailable in the app.
If the camera is updating, the LED indicator will blink red and green, then the camera will restart.



If the camera is reachable and not in Off mode, any owner can start a live streaming. It may take a bit of time if you are using it over the internet, and is faster if you are on the same network as the camera.

For a live streaming, you can have up to 2 WiZ app users, and up to one can use the 2 way audio functionality. Additional functionalities are available as part of the streaming such as taking a snapshot which will be saved to your phone.




If you would like to receive notifications on your phone when events are created by cameras, you can activate this feature in the Settings tab of the app, selecting "Notifications Settings" and then "Monitoring". 
You will see the list of all the WiZ homes you are a member of, and can elect to receive notifications for certain types of events.
For example if you know you have a pet at home, you may want to only be notified if a person is detected by the cameras.

Note that cameras create an event of the same type every couple of minutes as long as this is detected. this amount of minutes is called the "cool-down" time of the camera and can be modified in the "recording" tab of each camera settings. So for example, if the cooldown is 2 minutes, and movement happens in front of the camera during 5 minutes, you would get 2 events created, and would receive one notification per event, making it two notifications.




If you have installed at least two lights in the same room, you can configure SpaceSense for the room so that the lights can help detect movement.

To do so, go to Automations page, then select SpaceSense and configure it for the room using the step by step settings and calibration. Once setup, you can activate it and have it be taken as input for home automation and for monitoring routines.


Monitoring Routines

In the Library part of the WiZ app v2, after having a camera installed, you can activate monitoring routines for the home. Only one routine can be active at any given time, and it will take precedence over existing automation rules for the devices in the home.

Default routines are available to try and test, and you can edit those to fit your needs. Routines enable you to have a reaction at home level when SpaceSense, Motion sensors, or the Cameras detect movement. To do so, make sure SpaceSense and Motion sensors are configured for rooms and active, and that the Cameras are armed to not leave any blind spots.

The action resulting of movement detected is by default the Alarm light mode, flashing all lights of the home.

If the scenario is in alarm mode, you can reset it to re-apply it, and you may also want to apply a different light mode or off to the lights if you want to ensure the whole home is not flashing anymore. You can do so using quick actions for example, and we will see to improve all capabilities of monitoring routines to add additional options in the future.


Home Timeline

Owners can access the Home Timeline from the Settings page of WiZ app v2 to have a global vision of events that have happened in the home, gathering those from all cameras in one central place combined with any type of motion detection during monitoring routines.