Heads-Up is an optional subscription giving WiZ users access to paid features for the Home Monitoring products installed in a WiZ Home

 With Heads-Up, you get

  • Option to store media from cameras in the cloud (default choice when subscription is activated, can be modified in each camera Settings page)

  • Option to add Activity zones to only check movement in those zones for each camera, as well as Blocked zones which are similar to a cut-out in the camera vision

  • Events in the Activity lists stay available for 30 days, instead of 10 days

  • Option to start a Manual Recording while a camera is streaming


Early Adopter Preview: Until July 31st 2023, all WiZ users can enjoy Heads-Up features free-of-charge for their Home Monitoring products. After that date, the features will only be available as part of the Heads-Up plan(s) and only users who successfully subscribe thereto will continue to have access to these features.