You should only install cameras while in a market in which the WiZ camera is distributed and conform to local laws and policies.

Note that you need to have owner rights to proceed with the installation.


To install a WiZ camera, go to the Home navigation of your WiZ Home, and select the + on the top right corner of the screen. 


Then select "Camera" in the list of product types.


Then, follow the steps in the app.
The first step will be to wire the camera and power it on. When it is ready to install, it will start blinking green and emit a "ready to install" chime.

QR code

The default installation method is using a QR code to communicate the network credentials to the camera. To do so, ensure the lighting around you in rather bright as low lighting can impact the camera capability to read the QR code, and held the QR code around 30 cm or so in front of the camera, you may want to move it a bit to adjust distance.
Once the camera has read the code, it will do a chime.

After reading the code and getting the chime, the camera may take up to 5 minutes to connect step by step to the cloud. It will do some intermediary chimes once it has connected to your local network, then the servers, and finally a completion chime once it has fully installed itself.

You will then get a success message in the app.



Manual Installation

If the default installation method does not work, a fallback is available using the Access Point method of installation. You can access it at any time from the side menu available during installation flow, or after a failed attempt using QR code.

The Manual installation will need you to have the camera emit the ready to install chime, confirming it is in installation mode, and then go into the settings of your phone to select the network emitted by the camera.

Then, the app will transmit information to the product in order to complete installation