Routines are similar to a higher level of automation including some resting states for the system, which means that they will be applied in priority over normal automation rules you have defined while a routine is active.

Note that if you have some schedules still active, those will still apply even if the routine is playing (unless you have activated presence simulation). If you do direct control of your WiZ home, it would also apply, even if a routine is currently active.

As a rule in WiZ system, the latest control sent to the lights and devices is applied until another one gets applied.

That makes it easy to go back to normal automation for your home... you just need to de-activate the scenario, and change light modes if any has been applied to the lights.

When routines are activated, selected inputs to detect motion will also get activated if they have been configured, for example SpaceSense, and will return to their previous state after the routine is stopped.