You can change the following settings in order to ensure more respect of privacy topics if you wish to.

At User level

  • Ensure you regularly check the list of users of the home and nobody you do not know has an owner access. Owners can see all media recorded, access camera modes and streaming capabilities. Make sure the home members list is as you wish.
  • Check the complete notifications settings for your account in WiZ app as well as your phone settings for the app and at OS level. You may want to know when a new automated event is created with an associated recording.


At Home level

  • Ensure that the list of owners in your WiZ home is up to date. Every owner has access to cameras and the Activity overview
  • Set up a schedule to put the cameras in a room in Off mode, ensuring those will not listen nor record anything, behaving in a similar fashion as being off


At Camera level

  • Understand well the LED indicator status. if off, it means the camera is in Off mode . If green, it means the camera is in standby or armed mode. If the camera is currently streaming or recording, the LED status is red. This cannot be modified but is good to keep in mind.
  • Go to a camera Settings page, you can decide to not trigger automated recordings based on Loud noise or on Movement detection
  • Go to a camera Settings page, in the Recording menu, you can select to never record audio
  • For advanced users, you can in the Settings of cameras in a home covered by Heads-Up functionalities activate Block zones, which are similar to a cut-out in the view of the camera, making nothing ever seen nor recorded for that area