Depending on their user role in the WiZ Home, different users have access to different elements and functionalities.

There are 3 levels of access for any given WiZ home.:

  • Owner
  • Cloud Guest
  • Local Guest


The Owners

You’re an Owner if you created a WiZ Home or if you were invited to it and given the owner role. An Owner can:

  • Control all lights in the app, whether they are on local network or via the cloud
  • Change the modes of the cameras and access streaming
  • Access Timeline of any camera as well as Home Timeline and consult events and media associated
  • Change settings of cameras and lights
  • Change automation settings such as schedules for camera and lights
  • Edit, activate and deactivate Monitoring Routines
  • Invite people to share access or change role of any other member of the home


The Guests

You’re a Guest if you joined a WiZ Home with this level of access or if your level of access got changed from Owner to Guest:

  • Control all lights in the app. Cloud Guests can control whether they are on local network or via the cloud. Local Guests can only control the products if they are on local network.
  • See which modes the cameras are currently in (but not change them nor access streaming video nor timeline and associated media)
  • See active automations (but not change them)
  • See active Monitoring Routine (but not activate nor deactivate it nor edit it)
  • See active automations (but not change them)


Whether Guest or Owner in a home, you can:

  • Manage subscriptions if  you are signed in with a third party authenticator. You can add the coverage of Heads-Up to any WiZ Home you are a member of which is currently not covered by Heads-Up. Note that this will only be available after the end of Early Adopter Preview.