The camera has an LED indicator which can blink and change color. 
The behavior of the LED indicator is as follows:


Special indicators

  • LED off if the camera is not powered on
  • LED blinks between red and green if it is undergoing a software update. In this case, do not power off the camera and wait for the software update to be finalized to get access to it again
  • LED blinking red if the camera is experiencing an error, the amount of blinks can be communicated to the support team for investigation and resolution of the error
  • LED blinking green if the camera is in "ready to install" mode, and can be installed in a new WiZ home, or the existing Home after reset


Standard indicators

  • LED off if the camera is in Privacy mode
  • LED green stable if the camera is working without error (connected to local network) and is in standby or armed mode
  • LED one blink red if the camera took a snapshot
  • LED stable red if the camera is currently recording or a streaming session is happening