If you want to wake-up with your lights, or have them turn on automatically every day at 6pm before you come back from work, look no further. Schedules let you automate your lighting based on the time of the day and day of the week.

To create a new schedule, head to the automation tab, select "Schedules", tap on the + then 

  • select a target room
  • select a weekly repeat
  • select the time
  • select the mode and/or brightness that the lights should adopt
  • optionally, select what the lights should do when the schedule ends

Once your schedule is created, you can easily enable/diable it by tapping the toggle on the right side of each schedule card.

To edit a schedule, just tap on its card then adjust its parameters.

The "..." button in the top right corner allows to filter schedules by room and change thei display order.