WiZ automatically creates for you a Circadian Rhythm, which is aimed at replicating the natural changes of the sunlight throughout the day.

Gradual transitions

When lights are using the Circadian rhythm, they will:
  • Gradually brighten in the morning, using cool white.
  • The white will then become more neutral and even brighter during the day.
  • When evening gets closer, the lights will start to dim and get warmer, until they eventually turn into night light mode for bedtime.
Transitions are slow and smooth.

Adjusting bedtime and wake-up time

You can adjust the time for wake-up and bedtime, and the rhythm will adapt automatically. To do so, tap on the "..." button located on the right of "circadian rhythm" title and input your preferred timing for each step.
Since it is a default setting, Circadian Rhythm cannot be deleted.