Although Circadian rhythm is generally recommended for your wellbeing, you may of course decide to create your own customized rhythm instead.

Full customization

Custom rhythms let you define the mode and brightness for every "light point", so you can gain full control over your lighting automation.
Please note that custom rhythms do not feature slow transitions. Instead, the lights will simply change from one mode to the other at the time specified by the light points.
To create a custom rhythm:
  1. Go to the Automation tab
  2. Select "Rhythms"
  3. Tap on the room for which you want to create a custom rhythm
  4. Tap on "create a rhythm"
  5. Choose a name for your custom rhythm
  6. Edit the steps of your rhythm. You can drag the points on the circle to change the timing, or tap on a step to input the time manually. You can add or remove steps (minimum is 2 steps, maximum is 5). Tap on a step to select a light mode and brightness
You can save up to 2 custom Rhythms, in addition to the circadian rhythm.
Remark: You cannot create a new circadian rhythm in the app. Instead, please edit the one created for you by default