The WiZ motion sensor uses passive infrared technology (PIR). It measures the amount of infrared light radiating from the objects in its field of view, in order to infer whether there is motion or not.

The sensor then communicates to the nearby lights using a broadcast technology (similar to the one of the WiZmote), and based on the message issued ("motion" or "no motion") the lights will react.

Note that the motion sensor always control a room, and at this moment you cannot change its targets from the WiZ app.

The Wi-Fi motion sensor is compatible with all WiZ lights.
To set it up, you will need at least one of the lights of your room to be paired in the WiZ app and currently connected.
The motion sensor does not connect to your Wi-Fi router. Instead, it communicates directly with the lights in the home. This means you will be able to use it even if your Internet or your Wi-Fi goes down.
Its control range is typically around 15 meters.