When you press on any of the buttons of the remote, it emits an infrared code through the infrared LEDs located at the end of the remote. This code will travel across the room, and be detected by the infrared receiver built into the light.

The light will then reply to the command based on the configuration of the room it belongs to (e.g. button ① may trigger warm white in the living room, and daylight in the kitchen).


The infrared remotes are not bound to any particular room, and instead function in a "point and control" way: aim at the lights you want to control, then press the button. This allows you to use the same remote across multiple rooms. Do keep in mind though that the behavior of the lights will depend on the configuration of each room.


If you want to change what modes the ①, ②, ③, ④ buttons trigger on oyur lights, you have to edit the "favorite modes" of the room the lights are in. To do so:

  • Open the Settings tab
  • Tap on Rooms
  • Select the room in which your lights are located
  • Tap on the mode you want to edit. You can select any light mode, custom white, custom color, or a Scene


The infrared beam angle of the remote is around 30°, and the LEDs used are quite powerful. This makes it easy to control lights from across the room. Do however note that infrared light is easily reflected, especially by tiled and white surfaces. Hence it can happen that one of the lights you did not intend to control still receives the command after it bounces off the walls. That light would then respond to the remote.