Motion sensors feature several settings you can adjust to match your automation needs.

As of now, all the motion sensors of a given room use the same settings. You can add more sensors to make sure all the space is covered if you have particularly large rooms.
When you open the settings of a motion sensor (either an accessory or an embedded sensor), keep in mind that those settings will be the same for all the other sensors of the room. Practically speaking, you are editing the room sensing settings, not the settings of that particular sensor.
You can have two different set of settings for different times of the day. For example one for the daytime and one for the night time. You can edit this by adding a second phase, and adjusting the time and settings of each phase.
Note that if a part of the day is not covered by any phase, motion sensing won't work during that time.
Here are the settings available:
  • Phase duration and timing
  • Action when motion is detected
  • Action when no motion is detected anymore, and associated delay
  • Manual override delay, if you want to keep some manual control over your lighting for a given time. This is found under "advanced"