As you plan your smart home, you may wonder how many lights you can connect within your home.

WiZ system is designed to scale up smoothly

Per design, there is no limit to the number of devices you can have in a WiZ home. Our app V2 can comfortably run with more than 100 devices, without significant latency.

You can have:

  • as many rooms as you like
  • as many lights per room as you like, and as many groups as you like if you create groups
  • as many users as you like, in owner, user or guest role

Wi-Fi infrastructure limitations

Since WiZ devices connect to your Wi-Fi network, the only thing you need to monitor is whether your Wi-Fi infrastructure is able to support that many devices at once. Every WiZ device is a client on your Wi-Fi network, taking up one IP address (same as your phone or laptop). Accessories (WiZmote, smart button...) are not connected and do not count towards that total.

Limitations on a given Wi-Fi router can occur for two reasons:

  • router antennas are technically unable to support more than a certain number of devices concurrently connected. For most recent routers, this number can be 60 devices or above. Please refer to the documentation and specifications of your router for details
  • the pool of IP addresses that can be assigned to devices has already been exhausted (for example, if your router is set to have a range of only 20 IP addresses, you will only be able to connect 20 devices at once, regardless of what the antennas could technically support). This setting can be adjusted in your router settings (check for "IP range")

Options to scale up

There are many ways to grow your WiZ system beyond the original range of your WI-Fi router. Here are a few options:

  • Start by making sure that your IP range does not artificially limit your network size, by setting a large range (e.g. 200)
  • If the limitation is solely on router/antenna capacity, you can:
    • replace your router with one that can support more devices
    • expand your home Wi-Fi coverage by installing a Wi-Fi mesh network
    • create a dedicated network with dedicated routers and access points just for your WiZ devices

In any case, keep in mind that as long as your new router uses the same network name and password as the previous one, your lights will reconnect to it and you will not have to re-do any setup.