WiZ NFC tags are small physical shortcuts used to activate some pre-programmed functions in the WiZ app by simply tapping your phone onto them.

Each tag contains a small electronic circuit, enclosed in a plastic casing. When you bring the tag close to your phone, the NFC reader of your phone can read the tag, and trigger a number of associated actions. For example, you could set up a tag next to your couch so that tapping your phone onto it launches your "Movie time" scene. Or you could place a tag on your bedside table, and use it to turn off all the home at once.

NFC tags are small, easy to conceal and do not require batteries. They are the ideal companion for simplified smart home control.

After setting up a tag in your home, simply tag your phone onto it to use it. The WiZ app will open automatically, and the action you have associated with that tag will be performed. Note that your phone will need to be unlocked to scan the tag. Depending on your operating system, you may also have to tap on a confirmation pop-up.