WiZ lets you configure what your lights should do when you power them on, for example by pressing the wall switch, or plugging them in.

You can choose to use WiZclick (enabled by default), or to disable it to always return to the previous state.

WiZclick lets you switch between two different modes/brightness levels by just flicking the switch. It is the perfect choice for lights you need to adjust frequently, for example from a functional setting (bright white) to a more relaxing one. Or from a fixed lighting to a party light. In that case, you can just use your switch to toggle between those two modes easily, without having to reach for your phone.

For lights used for a single purpose, or used most often in a specific color, you may prefer "Last status": whenever powered on, the light will return to what it was doing before the power went out.

Note that three light modes are treated as exception when using "last status": if your light was in Night light, Wake-up or Bedtime mode, then this will be ignored when the light is powered back on, and it will instead return to the last mode before those three exceptions. For example. if your light was in Forest mode, then Night light, and you cut the power while in Night light, your light will then return to Forest at power on.