By default, WiZ assigns different fading settings to different room types.

For example, "living" areas such as playrooms and living rooms usually have up to 2s of fading to guarantee a smooth experience. On the other hand, functional areas like corridors or attics will have a much shorter fade-in, to get bright light quickly, and a much longer fade-out (up to 5s) to make sure you can safely leave the room after turning off.

You can change those settings at any time within the room settings:

  1. Go to the Settings tabs and locate the "Rooms" menu in your current home
  2. Tap on the room for which you want to edit
  3. Tap on Fading
  4. Adjust the fade in and fade out times. Those changes will be immediately applied to all lights of the room

The full list of default fading time per room type is as follows:

  • Attic, Basement, Corridor, Entrance, Garden, Terrace: 0.5s fade in and 5s fade out
  • Balcony, Bedroom, Dining, Dressing, Kid's room, Office, TV room: 0.5s fade in and 0.5s fade out
  • Bar, Living room: 1s fade in, 0.5s fade out
  • Bathroom: 0.5s fade in and 1s fade out
  • Garage: 0s fade in, 5s fade out
  • KItchen, Playroom: 0.5s fade in, 2s fade out