When you purchase your devices, they may have spent a few weeks on the shelves already, and a few more weeks travelling the world to reach the store before that.

As a consequence, the firmware version that was installed on your devices when they were manufactured will likely not be the latest version available once you get to install them in your home.

In order to make sure you benefit from the latest features and security upgrades, our pairing flow includes an automated update mechanism: as soon as your device connects to the Cloud, if its firmware version is not the latest one, it will download the most recent version and install it right away. This process usually takes less than a minute, but in certain network conditions it can take up to around 5 minutes. While your device is downloading and installing the new firmware, it will be disconnected from the Cloud, and may potentially appear "offline" in the application. This is normal and your light will automatically come back online as soon as the update is completed.

If for some reason the light does not come back online after several minutes, you can safely power it off and power it back on. The light will then reconnect, still using the older firmware, and will complete the update at a later time. This means that accidental interruptions of this update process are safe as well: the light will keep on using the older version, and update when it can.